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Friends for Life – From the Journey’s stable. A four week course to help Christians understand the importance of the friendship factor in winning people to the Christian faith.  DVD + work book and leader's guide.

The Big Ask – Interviews by Rob Harley with Philip Yancy, Lee Stroble and Rob Bell.  In various formats, full interviews, responses to questions, soundbytes.

Against The Flow – excerpts from the seminar ‘That Troubled Trinity'  Money, Sex and Power in Christian Leadership. – Marva Dawn DVD

Expressions: The DVD.  – exploring new expressions of being church.  Anglican, Methodist and Baptist experiences in the UK

Nooma DVD’s 11 minute thoughts on various issues by Rob Bell.

The God’s Aren’t Angry – Rob Bell. Where did the first caveman and cavewoman get the idea that somebody existed who needed to be worshipped, appeased and followed?  How did the idea evolve that if you didn’t say or offer the right things this being would be upset, agitated or even angry with you? Where did religion come from?  1.5 hours

Everything is Spiritual – Rob Bell. In the Hebrew Scriptures there is no word for ‘spiritual’. Jesus never used the phrase ‘spiritual life’. For Jesus and His tradition all of life is spiritual. So what does that mean?  1.5 hours

Free Market Jesus – Donald Miller.  Miller illustrates how culture always serves as a lens for our understanding of Christianity.  He then addresses how Scripture defines spirituality and why the Scripture is still relevant in our modern culture.  60 minutes, or two 30 minute session plus study guide for group discussion.

Distinctive With Distinction - Paul Windsor at the 2010 East Taieri Ministry Conference

Friendship First - Steve Bell and Tim Green. A six week study course from the UK for ordinary Christians discussing good news with ordinary Muslims.  A basic understanding of Islam and Muslim culture.
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