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Downloadable Articles

David Webber's Talks at the Rural Conference 09, Balclutha June 2009





Elders and Their Needs

A research document by the Rev. Dr. Lynn Baab on behalf of the Synod of Otago and Southland and the National Mission Office of the PCANZ.

Researching Kiwi Churches

A study leave research project by the Rev. Geoff Ellery, Wakatipu Presbyterian Parish, sponsored by the Synod of Otago and Southland.  The study looks at assimilating Children and Families, church development in tourist areas and in rapidly growing areas.  The study covers a number of New Zealand churches in both North and South Islands and includes a variety of denominations.  PDF document.


Whatever Happened to Revival?

An esaay looking at the need for prayer and teaching on Revival in the Newealand context.
The Rev. Roy McKenzie of Gore can be contacted on  pilgrims16@xtra.co.nz


Aging Baby Boomers: Reviewing Faith, Spirituality and Religious Affiliation in the Next Stage of Life.

A research project as part of an University of Otago Master of Ministry Degree by Karl Lamb.


2013 Rural Conference - Empowered For Ministry



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