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Study Leave Reports

'My study leave was initially to undertake Directors training with Global Disciples In Jakarta, Indonesia.  It soon became apparent to me however, that there were wider issues involved for me.'

 Help put adolescent years in perspective of entire life cycle.
 Helps us remember where the adolescent in your care has come from and where they are heading
A Study leave report by the Rev. Helen Harray - Studentsoul

My objective in undertaking this study was to present to you a case for including the history and practice of contemplative prayer in the formation of ordained ministers in the PCANZ.

It is my experience and conviction that such an inclusion will encourage
• healthy and sacramental use of time
• mature self understanding
• continuing spiritual formation and
• active commitment to living out the Gospel of Shalom in the world

The endnotes are informal and not academically presented.

A Study leave report by the Rev. Diane Gilliam-Weeks

Ordination_In_The_PCANZ_1900 - 2010.pdf
A reflection on theology and practice from a historical perspective (1900 - 2010)
A study leave report by the Rev. Geoffrey Skilton

A study leave report on ministry options  in Rural Congregations by the Rev. Stephanie Wells

A study leave report by the Rev. Heather Keenedy


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